Storyteller, Ideator, Maker of Things

Juba, South Sudan, 2011

Juba, South Sudan, 2011

Jonathan has the blessed curse of being a polymath. There are few things he hasn't tried his hand at yet, but he mostly loves his cameras and telling stories with them.

His talent for quickly synthesizing complex information and fitting it into broader context is what attracts him to stories about Economics, Development, Travel, and Adventure.

Jon also enjoys helping companies figure out how to tell their story or communicate about complex issues.  Occasionally, he prototypes hardware and recently co-founded BRCK: a hardware tech company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

He once hot-wired a hard drive to a car battery in order to file a story from the Congo. He made his deadline.

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Fun Facts about Jonathan:

Jon's work has appeared in: Elle Magazine, Fast Company, Der Spiegel, BBC World, and CNN.

His Field Asignments Have Taken Him To: South Sudan, Kenya, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Kosovo, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and The Philippines.

Jon has lead two sucesfull Kickstarter campaigns, one for more than $175,000.

Various Extra-Jounalistic Skills: Arduino/AVR Programing, Basic Electrical Engineering, BGAN Managment, First Aid, Primative Construction.

Education: Visual Journalism, Brook's Institue of Photography

Myers Briggs: ENTP

Strengths Finders 5:

Jonathan lives in Orange County, CA