Storyteller, Ideator, Maker of Things


Jonathan is a polymath  


While most of his career has been spent as an international multimedia journalist, Jonathan also helped to launch BRCK: a wireless communication hardware company based in Nairobi Kenya, where he spent a season leading R&D.  While there he ran their initial Kickstarter campaign raising over $170k.  He also developed ideas that lead to a wireless communication patent.

His story work has been seen on CNN, PBS, and BBC International, in print in Elle Magazine and Wired UK Magazine, and online at Wired, Der Spiegel; and FastCompany. Assignments have taken him to Kosovo, Sri Lanka, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, the Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Kenya, and South Sudan.

Jonathan once hot-wired an external hard drive to a Land Rover Defender battery in the middle of Congo to make deadline (it worked).

He lives with his beautiful wife and kids in Southern California.