[col-sect][column]His name is "Gorilla".

I took this picture at the beginning of a project focusing on the issues in a pocket of unincorporated Orange County, Florida that sits in the middle of Orlando.  It was also the last time that I have photographed there.  It's not an easy neck place to feel comfortable.  There is no safe place for someone like me, someone who obviously doesn't belong there.  It's an easy place to get overwhelmed in.  I've been in tough places, but I feel a heavier weight when I get off the 408 at OBT and head north, than I do wondering through Miracle Mile in LA, or talking to women who have experience living horrors in the Congo.

I think that's why I can't get it off of my mind, and I think that's why I have not been back with a camera since that weekend in July 07.[/column]

[column]I've blamed it on a lot of stuff: 

  • I don't have the right camera (too big, too many)

  • I don't have the time (work/family)

  • I still don't have the right camera (too expensive and too complicated)

  • I still don't have time (work travel/family travel)

But what it really comes down to is that I have a Jabberwocky to kill: a big fear beast that I have let live in my garden and eat my crops for roughly 6 years.

I'm telling you all of this because I am tired of having places to run to.  I'm tired of putting off this problem for another time.

Never confuse motion with action (Ernest Hemingway)[/column][/col-sect]