Un-Incorporated Orlando: Pets

[column]I need to step up this project. I've got 4 images and about 45 days to get 54 more. It's a hard neighborhood to get a story out of. It's not simple. I have learned two things.

1) While most everyone is initially distrustful of strangers with cameras these neighborhoods feel so hard! That being said, a few minutes of talking smooths most things over.

The biggest success is that I have finally realized that it's not my camera that people are distrustful of. Its ME with my camera. I'm a stranger. I look the part. I'm wondering around looking all over the place for a photograph. No one else is doing that. So "Who the f*ck are you?" is kind of a valid question.

2) Pets are an easy way to meet anyone. You want to talk to someone, ask them about their puppy, compliment them on their cats. Pets are an extension of our selves. If I'm nice to your pet, your going to feel a little safer with me.

More to come in the days ahead.[/column][/col-sect]