Voice of Kibera


Kibera is that place you see on TV when ever someone is talking about slum cities in East Africa. A sea of rusting corrugated roofs flowing out of a valley just south of Nairobi. When things go south in Kenya, they usually go south in Kibera early on. So it's naturally a place for journalist to flock when they are in town to cover anything that's wrong with East Africa. Today I went down there to meet journalist who are everything I think many of their western colleges wish they could be. Despite having minimal equipment (flip cams), infrastructure (Windows Movie Maker and borrowed internet), and little formal trainging, Voice of Kibera pushes out consistenly solid reporting from one of the most storied neighborhoods in Kenya. I have more to say about the two men above and others that I met, but it's late. I just wanted to aknowledge them and say it was an honor to shoot with them on their turf today.