Our Kickstarter Project is LIVE

I'm excited to announce the launch of South Sudan Emerging's Kickstarter campaign. Over the next month, we'll be raising $17,000 towards the next phase of filming in South Sudan. My vision for this film is to tell the story of what it feels like to suddenly find that your people have their own country. What would that change feel like? How far could you reach? What would you do? I'll be telling the story of three friends who have big dreams for their country. Each dream is as different as they are.

The ultimate goal is to get the rest of the budget funded through grants, but I love the idea of getting this off the ground through grassroots methods. I'm not good at asking for money, which is why I love I love the idea of actually giving people stuff for their help. 

Check out the campaign page and see if there's something that interests you.