On the Subject of Getting Back On the Horse


Three and a half years ago, my daughter came into the world and everything else stopped. I stopped shooting for myself, and I stopped seeing, and I got bogged down in the day to day work. I stopped telling my own stories.

Or maybe it's that I didn't get picked up for a journalism internship out of college.

Or maybe it's that instead I got a job mostly doing video post production instead of shooting.

Or maybe it's because I got married.

Or maybe it's because I took almost two years off of editorial work to try my hand at a tech startup.

Or maybe it was that second kid that just showed up.

The truth is that I've hard a hard time looking inward and asking myself what I really want to say in my work with out immediately editing those ideas down to better fit into what I think people will like or easily understand. It's a game I've played my whole life.

This is me getting back on the horse: back to writing, back to shooting, back to stories.